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Buying golf equipment


There are sixty-three million golf participants worldwide, with many equipment brands supporting this multi-billion dollar industry. The manufacturers ship most of their golf clubs in large volumes, destined to be retailed in a mass-assembled/standard specification offering. These stock standard clubs are what the overwhelming majority of people buy from a store’s sales rack or via the web, even though their requirements probably don’t fit that category.

This book was written to assist golfers of all levels. Mark D. Wilson is an independent industry expert; a custom club fitter and retailer serving golfers since 1987 throughout seven countries on four continents.

Buying Golf Equipment weaves you through a recollection of past experiences by taking a behind-the-scenes look at manufacturing and retailing. By reading this enlightening book, golfers will understand more about the industry and learn how to sharply improve their buying habits. Topics cover the controversial subjects of “Knock-off” and “Counterfeit” equipment, as well as providing information on the styles of product that golfers can consider with regard to their experience, playing ability and budget.

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